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Monday, March 9, 2009

Our big sonogram was today, and not only is our sweet baby perfectly healthy, but it's a BABY GIRL!!!!  The sonogram lady was "sure", and I had to tell her to make sure she was really, REALLY sure since I have a monogramming machine!  :)  
I am really excited....I didn't have a sister, so I am so excited to have two girls.  I have been feeling sad for Cale (since Shawn says boys need a brother) but excited for Hayden.  It's a weird feeling to know now for sure that she's a "she".  It still feels a little hypothetical to me (despite my expanding waistline) and it's funny to remember how I felt before I knew the twins.  I worried I wouldn't love them right away (I did), I worried whether or not they'd be healthy (they were), I worried if I could handle two babies at the same time (I'm still here, aren't I??).  I feel the same can I love this baby as much as I love the two I've already got?  I know it will happen, but she still feels like a tiny little stranger for now.  I worry if I can handle three, (all under the age of three) but I know God has blessed me with this family for a reason or two....hopefully He thinks I can handle it.  (Or else he thinks I need to learn a lesson about service or submission or something) 
It feels like SO long before she gets here....but I know that before I know it, I will be living in an even more full house.  I feel undeserving of so much blessing....and to think there was a time that I worried I wouldn't have any babies at all!!  These gifts of babies are another reminder to me that God had a plan for me all along, and I wasted so much time worrying about something that He had already taken care of.  For now, I am enjoying my babies at this HILARIOUS, fun age, and looking forward to meeting our new angel.  I am trying desperately to enjoy this pregnancy, (though my body is betraying me!) since this baby is most likely (99% sure) my last.  


Lynn said...

Congrats!! You will have so much fun having two girls to dress alike. They will be precious!!

ken and meg said...

so excited for you strange how God works ...huh?