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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lots of people ask me how I manage shopping with 2 22 month olds.  Mainly, the answer is: my mother!   She is such a big help with the babies!  Another answer is:  the double cart at Costco!  This cart used to be easier than it is they are sitting a little too close for comfort.  Half the time they are hitting each other, fighting over her hair bow, or trying to stand up.  The other half the time they are sweet as can be: waving to strangers, saying Hi to everyone, asking me for kisses while I am pushing the cart....I am sure most everyone sees us coming and thinks our situation looks like a lot of work.  Lucky for me, this is all I know.....


jo said...

I love it - just wait till you have 3 under 3 and go shopping. You just reminded me that I had started a post a long time ago with the same topic

I need to finish it - but here is the draft with some pictures of what you will look like soon : )

and congrats on ANOTHER GIRL!!!