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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here are a few pics from our sonogram.....I am DETERMINED to document important events in this baby's life....I don't want her to have "third child syndrome" where she goes looking for a baby book of herself and finds a shoebox of four pictures.  Shawn took these during the ultrasound....I like the one of me, because this is the only one where my huge white stomach isn't showing.  I like the one of the babies because Cale is doing something hilarious in the background!!! What in the world??  We had just told them they were having a baby sister...this picture looks like they actually understand that information, but I am sure they didn't!  They were more excited about Daddy taking their picture.  One fun thing about the sonogram (besides the fact that the lady was SO nice and talkative....a plus for me!) was that I could feel the baby moving a TON during it!  I guess she was annoyed we were invading her space or something, but she sure was busy the whole time.  I am just starting to feel her....a few times a day, but still tiny little flutters.  During the ultrasound, I would see her kick her little legs on the screen, and feel it at the same time.  So cool!