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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My big boy:  you are so, so funny and smart at 22 months old!  You are repeating everything we say, and you make us laugh all the time.  You love looking at the moon, at squirrels, and are fascinated with all things outdoorsy.  You love looking at the dead garden snake outside our back door.  (You think he is sleeping!)  You LOVE books, and one of your favorite times of the day are when we read to you before bed.  You are scared of loud noises, and want to be held when you are in a parking lot or in view of the highway.  You love to tell say "Passy Night Night" when you KNOW it isn't bedtime, and then you laugh hysterically when we say it isn't bedtime.  You aren't interested AT ALL in what is in mommy's tummy, but you love to point out babies in public.  You love your little red wagon, and put all your favorite things in it and pull it around all day.  You still adore your sissy, and love playing with her.  You make muscles when we ask you to, and it cracks us up!  You are in love with your daddy, and love to play silly with him.  You love the water.....You hate your high chair and would rather eat standing up at the coffee table. (even though we don't let you) You get in trouble for throwing your food when you don't like what is on your tray, or when you are full.  You are so observant...nothing gets by you!  You love your family, but you aren't as huggy and kissy as mommy would like....unless you think you've hurt her feelings, then you ask for a kiss.  You remember everything.  You love the park (especially the slide) but aren't too much of a daredevil.  You love apple slush from Sonic, shee-shies (french fries, sadly) and "moothie" (daddy's smoothie) are precious, favorite little boy in the universe!  
My tiny girl:  You are such a joy to us!  Laughing and silly all day long.....from the minute you open your eyes in the morning, you are are such a mommy's girl right now, and I LOVE it....You love sitting in my lap and giving me kisses.  You are so, so smart.  We label things ONE time, and you never forget their name.  You love animals, and know all your animal noises, even really random ones.  You love books, and are a little bossy.  (wonder where that came from??)  You love your bubby, and are really good at making him do what you want to do.  You aren't scared of are a climber, a jumper.....You put your face in the water in the bathtub, and will talk to anyone.  You are so, so sweet and friendly.....everyone who meets you thinks you are so precious!! You love "moka" (milk) and any kind of fruit, but you are pretty picky about most foods.  You are so assertive, and make sure everyone around you knows what you want.  You are so, so funny!!!  You know how to make people laugh, and you do it all day long.  You are going through a little independent phase, and have learned the words "No." and "Mine."  You want to do your own thing, but you are so sensitive that you usually obey right away because you don't want to upset us.  You wiggle your arms when you run.  You love to dance.  You are a fabulous sleeper!  Your vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger each day, and you can almost count to ten by yourself.  You are so curious and love to pretend, and can entertain yourself for such a long time.  You love your "Baby Lily" doll, and are such a good little mommy to her.  You don't like the dog licking your face, and tell him "No, No Watty!" all the time.  You make us smile every day....and we couldn't love you more.