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Sunday, October 12, 2008

A weekend-o-football

Friday we went to our high school's homecoming football game in the new stadium. First time taking the babies to a football game, and the first time in a long time that we've been back to our high school for a game. I made note of several things while there. 1. The stairs in the stadium and much, much longer and steeper when you are carrying a baby. I felt like I ran a marathon after going up them. (and I did it three times!) 2. Babies enjoy the band/cheerleaders/noises for about ten minutes, and then want to get down and run all over the place. We tried to let them "play" at the very top of the stadium, on the platform in front of the press boxes....which exhausted me because I couldn't help but imagine themselves smushing themselves flat, squeezing under the fence at the top, and plummeting a hundred feet to the parking lot. 3. I am pretty sure I could be a brain surgeon if I could purge my mind of all the cheers I can still remember. (motions and all) If only I could have retained more pertinent information that well....
We hung on as long as we could, and finally left at halftime. Hard work, let me tell you! Saturday we went to my brother in law's football scrimmage, which was again a test of my final assessment is that football is probably better watched from our own couch with a baby proof area for the kiddos. Taking them to these events just means I end up watching three plays, and spend the rest of the time chasing baby people all over the place. After the scrimmage we ran errands all day, and Shawn spent all day not answering his phone because he was taping the TX-OU game and didn't want anyone to spoil it for him. Some man tried to talk to him in Lowe's and he shut him up...I told him he probably shouldn't have run around all day dressed like super fan if he didn't want people talking to him about the game....Lucky for us, it was a good outcome....Today we finally got to do some work at the house, since my parents were nice enough to watch the babies....we made a dent. A tiny one, but a dent nonetheless!

Mommy and Hayden's self portrait

My best attempt at a family picture...taken with my mr. gadget arm.