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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

I can't believe it's already the babies' SECOND feels like just yesterday we were taking them to the pumpkin patch for the first time...they could barely sit up, and we propped them up against the pumpkins to take their picture. Hayden was spitting up in half the pictures, and the whole trip was more for us than for them. This year was entirely different! The loved walking all around in the pumpkins...picking them up, and then putting them down when they found another one to carry. Cale tried to visit with some dogs on the other side of the fence, but they looked neither friendly nor vaccinated, so we directed him back towards the pumpkins. Hayden carried around one tiny little pumpkin the entire time, and even put it in a wagon and pulled it around the yard. Cale saw her, and tried to pull our wagon full of pumpkins. He couldn't, (of course) and proceeded to throw a huge fit in the hay. A nice elderly woman tried to pick him up, and he did the old "turn-my-entire-skeleton-into-jello" routine. He threw himself on the ground about four more times (twice in the parking lot) but at least looked adorable doing it in his new fall clothes! We tried to get a "family" picture, but you can see for yourself how that turned out.....notice Hayden throwing a fit, thrashing her headband off, legs stiff with rage, me laughing in shame, Cale oblivious, and Shawn looking at her like she has two heads. Let's hope Christmas pictures turn out better!


Doug and Pamela Maziur said...

Those pics are fabulous! I always LOVE pumpkin patch pictures. I'm not sure what it is but it's such a fun moment in life!!! I hope we can make it this weekend!!

Love, love those pics.