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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As if being homeless wasn't enough, we are now living in my parents' upstairs with NO AIR CONDITIONING. (I guess beggars can't be choosers....) It isn't so bad for us, because by the time we go to bed at night it is relatively cool....but my poor babies have to nap up there during the day! We put a big old fan up there, so it isn't too bad.....we were on the "emergency list" with the AC repair company, until they found out that there is a downstairs AC unit....apparently we aren't considered an emergency anymore, even though the temperature is a full fifteen degrees higher upstairs. Out of everyone, I am actually managing the best, since I am always cold. Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed that the herd of yellowjackets living outside the house near the garage don't figure out that we sleep with our window open!
Oh well...on the bright side, things are starting to finish up at our house! Today the painter primed the cabinets, and next week the granite and floors get installed. After that, we just have to install the new vanities in the bathrooms and the lights/hardware and we are good to go!!! I am so excited I could cry....I never thought when we came to stay with my parents (the first week in JULY) that we'd still be here, but apparently I have been schooled on the inner workings of being your own contractor....we have some really nice, professional guys working on our house, but since there isn't anyone over there cracking a whip over their heads, they aren't exactly hurrying. Plus, none of them are connected to each other (by a company employing them) so they aren't really concerned with messing up what the crew before them has worked on. It could have been so much worse....other than going over budget and over our timeframe, it hasn't been that horrible. (Although those two things sound pretty bad when I re-read them) I almost have that same feeling of excitement like when you are about to get married and move into your first home....I have been homeless for so long that opening my own boxes is going to feel like Christmas!