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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

16 month checkup

Those of you with children may be wondering why my title reads "16 month check up" when it is well known that babies do not visit the pediatrician at 16 months, but 15 months. Well, let's just say that someone may or may not have purposely pushed back this visit in the hopes that some baby who will remain nameless would find a spark of motivation to walk before visiting the doctor. This said baby will stand by himself, and cruise all over town holding on to things, but still no independent walking. After looking and sounding like a crazed psychopath at the appointment, the mommy was vigorously reassured of baby's normalness and left the office with a semi-decent feeling of said baby's development. I have heard all about people whose baby walked late, blah, blah, blah...I am sure he is normal but STILL. I want the kid to walk. AFTER he walks we can talk about how cute it was that he didn't want to walk. But for now, I just wanna see some walkin'. Is that too much to ask?
The visit was hilarious....we got in our diapers and got weighed (the babies, not me and Shawn) and then waited a bit to see the doctor. The babies ran themselves ragged all over the little examining room: trying to open all the drawers and doors on the cabinets (thank you for the safety locks!) pulling all the magazines off the shelf, banging on the lid of the trash you see why I take another adult with me to checkups! The room has all sorts of wild animals painted on the walls, and Hayden decided the painting of the lamb and the baby foxes were cute. She kept kissing the walls....(hopefully some sick kid didn't cough sputum all over the I have to worry about that!) There was a painting of a lion as well, but she wouldn't kiss the lion....she just kept walking up close to it and roaring at it. Cale noticed us laughing and came over to get in on the action....Shawn got a great picture on his phone of Cale "hugging" the lion on the wall. Where the babies come up with this stuff is beyond me....they are SO funny.
The visit went well.....Hayden is "petite" by the doctor's standards, which is pretty typical on my side of the is pretty much the norm for us to be 4'11" and 98 pounds until the eighth grade....let's hope Cale doesn't suffer the same fate....Shawn was of normal stature so he still has a chance. For those who love the stats: Cale was 25 pounds 4 ounces and Hayden was 22 pounds 10 ounces. They are both in the fiftieth percentile (roughly) in height and weight, except for her weight. She's a little teeny, but what do you expect when the kid's diet is 60 percent cantaloupe and watermelon?

Kissing the baby fox on the wall...I am not sure why pictures sent from Shawn's phone do this thing with the white side....

Hugging the lion....

Waving and roaring at the lion....

Pants on head....general office hijinks.

The house is moving right is a little freaky to actually see the ground through my floor, but I am trying to reassure myself that it is all part of the process.....with all "old house" renovations, we are coming up on some unexpected repairs, but nothing too crazy yet. (keep your fingers crossed!!!) I will post more pictures soon...those of you who are familiar with our house are going to be is going to be SO different!


Jo said...

As much as you want it, be glad you don't have two walkers yet!! I was certain my life would be easier once D&G started walking. I even shared this crazy thought with some of the older (wiser) ladies at the church (Cammy Draper, she rocks!). They never challenged my theory when I made mention of it. Just a polite smile of acknowledgement.

Ha! I learned why later. Life was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY when I had two walking babies. It happened around 15 months, but in hind sight, I would have wished for it to happen...well, is three years old too long to want to have your kids be 100% mobile : )
I remember Cammy even asking me after I had walkers "is life easier?" I think she already knew the answer...

Anyways, keep posting your fun updates!!