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Saturday, August 30, 2008

An interesting few days...

My house sort of looks like a house with a half finished tee-pee attached to the side of it. It was completely open to the world as of one o'clock this afternoon, so I am hoping that as we speak the roof is back on, and there is some semblance of a wall separating my home from the great outdoors. I am frightened/excited/confused/impressed by what has and is going on over there daily. I like to check in every day, but end up leaving covered in mosquito bites, as there are no walls. I am sure my contractor just lights up with joy when he sees me coming. I have been told by my husband that I am talking "entirely too fast" for someone with compromised English skills, so I am going to try harder not to go a mile a minute from this point on, lest my kitchen cabinets be installed sideways or something.
Some poor parenting decisions were made today. Namely, the decision to "run into" HEB when they should have already been laying down for nap. Shawn, my mom and I were no match for the the end of the trip, Hayden refused to sit in the cart, and screamed whenever someone tried to put her back in the seat. Cale (literally) fell out of the seat and into the pile of groceries in the cart, with Shawn standing next to him (after the kid had been strapped and re-strapped in about four hundred thousand times) Luckily we were purchasing a lot of squishy foods so he was okay. The trip ended like this:
A sweaty, mosquito bitten baby with a tear stained shirt....pacified only because he was offered an ICEE. Yes, you are right, we are total white trash.
Yesterday my mom and I took the babies to the park and packed them a picnic lunch. The following pictures sum up our time there.

Hayden didn't want to eat because she is cutting teeth. She mainly sat in her chair and cried. Cale ate, but cowered towards the table or me any time he heard an airplane. (which is unfortunate since the park we were at is situated directly under the final approach for Randolph) I am not sure when he decided airplanes were the enemy, but he can hear one at 30,000 feet, half a state away. Although it saddens me that he is scared, I am amused that when he cries there are squishy red lines where his eyebrows should be. The eyebrows are still so light, you can hardly see them, but when he is mad, you can definitely tell where they are SUPPOSED to be. Lunch wasn't too successful, but they enjoyed the swings, as always.

For now, they both still fit in one baby swing, although it was a pretty tight squeeze this time. Before too long, this little trick won't work anymore!


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