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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nope, this is not a crack house you are looking at, nor is it FEMA condemned Katrina home, although I understand your confusion if you guessed either of the above. These are actually pictures of my kitchen and living room! If this looks like a lot of work to you, then you are of the same mindset as me. I DO have a vision, and I know it will look awesome when it is done. This sight would REALLY scare me if I weren't already SO ready to have this project over and done with, and if I hadn't already done copious amounts of research in picking out all my new stuff.....I can't wait for the new stuff to start coming! The kitchen cabinets are BEAUTIFUL...I am excited they are pretty, but even more excited that my drawers will actually open without falling out of the track onto my foot, dumping kitchen utensils everywhere. I am excited that I can actually follow the directions on a recipe and set the oven to the desired temperature without adding 50 degrees to make up for the inadequacies of my wonky oven. I am MORE than ready to have a new laundry/craft room where I actually have room for my embroidery machine and all my fabrics.....and even more excited to have a playroom for all the babies' toys! Project is officially under way, and I can hardly control myself!!!


brandisutherland said...

OMG....I feel your pain...we are about to do a remodel on our former flooding garage/playroom....we are going to raise the slab and put in more drainage to be extra safe in the event of a major down poor.