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Monday, August 25, 2008

Poor Cale. He just can't catch a break lately! He's a target for a human biter (you can see bite marks on his arm on the picture of him crawling if you look closely), but I tell him that's just because he's so juicy. He got attacked by mosquitos as well, and is covered with welts. (How they can get to him that quickly, without any of us noticing a thing is beyond me) Saturday rolls around and I head out to a wedding shower. The babies spent the morning with Popo and Daddy, and had lunch out. Shawn calls to tell me that Cale is "sort of hot" and is "kinda sick or something".....UGH! They brought him home and sure enough, he was hot. I gave him Tylenol, and he took a good nap, only to wake up a few hours later with a temp of 104! He was burning up! By this point, I had convinced myself the mosquito bites and the fever were related, so I looked it up online (i know, i know...bad move) and started panicking a little when I realized he most likely had West Nile virus, yellow fever or encephalitis. I called Ask a Nurse, and by the time I got a call back (four hours later) Cale's fever was down and he was happy as a clam. He was still we didn't take him to church this morning. He seems to be better now....and the ask a nurse guy made it clear that it is a pretty slim chance that he has a mosquito born illness. He said there were no reported cases of any in this area, and I felt better. Until, of course, I started thinking that someone has to be the first reported case in an outbreak....and then I just had to stop thinking about that. Hopefully we are in the clear of whatever it was that made him feel so badly, and this week will turn out better than last week for him.
I am hanging on to the chance that this might be the week he decides to walk. He stands around all day holding on to nothing, and takes a few steps now and then....but still no real walking. I worry a little about it, wondering if my kid might be the least motivated walker on the face of the earth....until my dad told me he met a guy whose son didn't walk until he was eighteen months old and now he's a college football player or something....there's hope, I tell you! I had a discussion with Cale about Halloween...I found a really cute turtle costume at The Children's Place, and I told him he was going to be a turtle for Halloween if he didn't choose to walk. I heard Shawn telling him later, "Did you hear that buddy? Mommy's going to make you be a turtle if you won't walk. If you walk, you can be something a lot cooler like spiderman or something!" (Like the kid cares what we are saying!) Oh well. Someday (hopefully) we'll laugh when we talk about how he refused to walk when he was little.
I have been super excited/stressed about the remodel, so it was really fun to have a little girls' night out last Thursday....I found out that Joni and I are pretty much borderline professional shuffleboard players. I have decided I am probably going to be on the Olympic shuffleboard team in 2012. Okay, okay, so I know there is no shuffleboard in the Olympics (or I'd be all over that) but the time out with my girlfriends was much needed! I'm looking foward to a few more fun events in the next few will be good stress relief in between all the running around we are about to have to start doing to get this house in livable condition!