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Monday, September 15, 2008

We are now on day six of sick babydom. I have gone to the bathroom four times in about six days, and had a sweaty, snotty little boy hanging on me two of the four times. UGH! They were both runny nosed and grumpy all last week, but I thought it was because of the shots they got at their checkup. By Friday, she was snotty but feeling better, but Cale was another story. Grumpy, hot, miserable....we took him to the doctor and he had 105 fever! Way to make me look like the world's crappiest mother, kiddo. They brought me motrin in the examining room (a testament to their obvious noticing my crappy mothering skills) and prescribed antibiotics for his raging double ear infection. By today, we realized the antibiotics weren't working (didn't even know that was possible) and took him back. Another fever (albeit lower) and STILL suffering from ear infections. This time we left with a new antibiotic prescription, numbing ear drops, and a bottle of cough syrup with Codeine that Cale or his mommy might drink.
No picture updates this time....I am pretty sure none of you want to view scenes of our runny noses!