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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Music and Me

Today we had our first experience with "Music and Me".....a music class geared towards 0-17 month olds. Let's just say my children are "high spirited". Ninety percent of the kids in their class sit happily in their mommies laps, participating gleefully in the singing and dancing. Cale did okay, but Hayden....not so much. During the thirty minute class, she:
-dug in the trash can
-pushed someone's else's stroller against the wall
-took instruments OUT of the box as other babies were putting them away.
-flopped in my lap when I tried to hold her
-tried to bite me when I picked her up
-took the teddy bear away from the instructor...the one that was being used as a prop during a song.
And that's not all...I just can't remember all of it. My sweet friend Amy (who is in our class) tried to make me feel better by saying all the other kids have been doing this class for awhile and know what to do.....So hopefully this behavior was indicative of her lack of experience, not a glimpse into her future with ADHD.