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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random comments...

1. Both babies can point out their belly buttons. Cale, however, lifts up the leg of his shorts to try to find it. Hmmm...we have some work to do.
2. I searched on MySpace for all the kids I taught my first year of teaching 8 years ago. They are all 17 now, and I am sad to say I HAD NO POSITIVE EFFECT WHATSOEVER on these kids. Some of the girls are having kids, others are "pimpin' hoes"...I am so SO sad! And here I thought I was "making a difference".
3. I am horrified at the ethics of some people in Wal Mart. We were walking in the door, (slowly because Shawn was hobbling on his crutches) and this lady saw him heading towards the last little wheelchair scooter. I am NOT kidding you when I say she bust into a sprint Carl Lewis style and RAN to hop on it before Shawn could get to it. Really? If you can RUN, you should probably let the guy with the smashed tibia on crutches have the scooter.

We head tomorrow to the hospital for Shawn's surgery.....if you remember, say a prayer at about nine a.m....that's when we start!