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Monday, August 4, 2008

What a weekend... much activity in so few days! My parents and I took the tiny people to Castroville for a wedding this weekend. Note to self: 15 month olds do not enjoy wedding services, even when given a wide variety of things to wave in the air and examine during said service. Cale made a bunch of noise in the church (yes, I was THAT lady) so I took him outside, where I proceeded to sweat like a pig while my feet ached in horribly uncomfortable (yet very attractive) heels, while I chased him up and down a sidewalk. I had to go to the bathroom, so we went in a side door marked "restrooms" and it literally opened to a tiny side room RIGHT UP ON THE ALTAR. When I opened the creaky door, all the bridesmaids turned to look at me. I snuck in the bathroom quickly, so I am pretty sure only about the first two rows of wedding guests saw me. To make matters worse, the flush was extremely probably drowned out their vows. It would have been hilarious if it wasn't so horrible. I picked up the kid (who had to sit waiting on the bathroom floor...I know...GROSS!) and he went crazy trying to get down, and his little leather sandals (with velcro straps) proceeded to rip my tights to shreds. So by the time the reception rolled around, I was sweaty, tired, humiliated, with swollen feet and ripped tights, ready for a drink or two. The babies (being 15 months old) were having none of it! Food was flung everywhere, and every two minutes Cale reached his arms out to me like I was tormenting him by having him sit in his little portable high chair. Hayden did a little better, only stopping about four times to throw her bottle on the floor. (Yes, I still give them a bottle sometimes. I know, I know!!) The bottle contained milk that my dad had to run out and buy (in the middle of the reception) because said babies spotted the bottles in the diaper bag and started in on some fits. After trying to eat a few bites, I threw in the towel and took them back to the hotel room. One high point of the reception....we had a bit of a laugh when we smelled burning hair and realized my dad had thrown his suit jacket on the table on top of a votive candle and inadvertently set it on fire! It just smoldered a little, but we laughed thinking of the scene we would have caused if the adults at our table would have had to throw themselves on a burning jacket to put out the flames....It was a nice wedding, and fun to visit with family...but hotel travel is becoming increasingly harder with these two. In about thirty minutes of being at the hotel, they dismantled the phone, dumped over all the trash cans, turned on the tv and changed the channel/volume setting about 100 times, and stuck their arms in the toilet. Add to that a few spills that caused noisy crying and there you have it. The trip turned out okay, but I got a call Saturday night informing me that my husband had hurt his leg....he and his guy friends have decided they are getting a yearly "man weekend" at the Comal River for mayhem and general nonsense. Apparently they were messing around down by the water, he got pushed in (to too shallow water), and immediately knew he blew out his knee. After several hours in the doctor's office today, preliminary tests have concluded that he fractured his tibia. From the cross section view, you can see that it is split from the front of the bone to the backside. He is probably going to have surgery, which I hate. He just had shoulder surgery two years ago, and now this! He is most worried about being out of commission for a few weeks...he loves to run, work out, lift weights...this will seriously make a dent in his brand of fun. Plus, on a side note...he can't hardly get himself up the stairs, much less carry a baby. I will be going at it single mom style for a while! He keeps apologizing about that, which speaks volumes about his character....he's hurt, but worried that he isn't going to be any help to me. I am all geared up to play Florence Nightengale...for a few days at least. :)