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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moving Mayhem

How we are going to be out of this house in time to close on Friday is beyond me. I have packed forty thousand boxes and still it feels like everything is still in cabinets and drawers. I am looking at the things I own and wondering why I have hung on to this junk for as long as I have. The pile of stuff going to Goodwill keeps getting bigger and better. Some lucky chump is going to roll up on our stuff and think they hit the jackpot. I am knowingly getting rid of some things that are pretty worthwhile, but I have no will to move them, so out they go! All the moving around of furniture has unleashed a flurry of dust and dog hair into the air, so my floors are filthy. Add to that all the coming and going and we are looking at some seriously dirty floors. I refuse to clean them (okay, so I vacuum every morning, but I mean "clean") until all our stuff is gone, so when my kids go into the bath at night, they are literally black from knees to toes. They are having the best time....crawling into boxes, climbing piles of linens...this is like the world's best (dirtiest) playground for them! At least all the boxes serve a great purpose: to block them out of certain areas....They haven't figured out how to climb the big boxes yet, but today we were at my mom's and we looked over at Hayden and she was kneeling on the tile hearth. Eighteen inches off the ground. How that kid can climb but not walk is beyond me.

The babies are wonderful, and love the chaos. Every day it feels like they are so much older. They know how to tease and play jokes on each other (and us) now, and it is so cute! Every day they try to say something new, and it is starting to sound more and more like real words....Today when I went to get them after their naps, each of them hollered "Mama!" at me....which I love. They both mastered "Dada" a LONG time ago, so this achievement is particulary special to me...(especially since I am the one doing the majority of the hiney wiping...apparently they know little about who is buttering their biscuit!)
I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do in the blogging department, but I just realized that the puke smell that keeps bothering me is coming from my own to change/bed for me!