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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The babies have been so much fun the last few weeks...they are really starting to come into their own little personalities....I have a ton of cute pictures to upload and share, but the camera is in the other room and I don't feel like walking in there to get it. (can you tell it has been a long day?) Hayden is trying to say "up", but it comes out sounding like "but". Whenever they drop something or fall down, I say "uh-oh!"...Cale can say "uh" and Hayden says "oh!" so together they are getting "uh-oh!" down! :) They crack me up all day long....we were in the car yesterday and the babies were getting mom looked at Hayden and said, "Oh, sleepy baby!" and then Hayden spent the rest of the drive home pretending to fall asleep and wake up. Cale thinks it is HILARIOUS to bite down on the spoon when he is being fed....he laughs when I laugh, and then can't wait until it is his turn to take a bite again so that he can do it all over again. Tonight my mom came over and we made tacos....when we were getting ready to eat, the babies seemed tired, so we went to lay them down....about an hour later, we could hear them still wide awake and talking, so we went and got them out of bed for cookies and milk! Probably a chart topper on the list of bad ideas, but every once in a while things like that are probably okay....On the real estate front, our buyer's lender has waived the appraisal so we don't have to worry about the house appraising for our asking price...Praise God! That was our last and final worry in selling our Schertz house, so now all seems clear to start packing up and get moving. We have to be out by next Friday.....which sounds SO soon...but we both operate better under pressure. I hope the babies are okay with all this transition....This is a lot of change for two one year olds.