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Sunday, June 15, 2008

So I lied about cutting back on the crafting. I still feel motivated to "do", but can't move forward in any other aspect of my life as of yet, so by making stuff, I feel complete. (Strange logic, but in layman's terms, this means: I stay busy, I don't go bat crap crazy thinking about my upcoming remodel.)
My recent projects....

A little tote that I am using for my purse....I think this would make a really cute diaper tote, but I will have to add lots of pockets inside for that use....My mom asked where my name was...apparently having an embroidery machine means people expect me to narcissistically (yeah, you read it right...I even spellchecked!) stitch my name on everything....yet no name on this bag! Not that I was trying to shock with my lack of a monogram, but I messed it up a little. The monogram is actually on the inside....I didn't like the thread I used to do the monogram, and I thought the black and white would look better on the outside anyway. So I am the only weirdo be-boppin' around town with a monogram on the INSIDE of their bag. Whatever.

My next (and most ambitious project EVER) is a little quilt I am making for Hayden. It is called a crazy nine patch quilt, and seemed easy enough when I read about it online. It is a teensy bit harder than I had imagined, but I got the whole top finished in about four hours today. Which means I made other people watch and bathe my kids so that I could work on it. Actually, most of the work was done while they were already sleeping, so I am not that much of a deadbeat mom. I have to add the batting, quilt the batting and top layers together, baste the minky dot on the back (because minky scoots while adding binding) add the binding, and that's it! Don't look too close, but here it is so far:

So many of her things are pink or lavender...I thought it would be kind of cool to have something in bright, crazy colors. Let's hope it turns out to be worth four plus hours of work!!!! You can link to the tutorial here if you are interested in making one, too. This would be a CUTE baby gift, but only for someone you REALLY like, because it would be a pretty significant amount of work.


Amy said...

i'm so impressed! i looked this up after you told me about it the other night, and it confused the heck out of me. you'll have to show me...i'm a visual learner:) looks great!

natalie said...

u are so incredibly crafty, woman! :)