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Thursday, July 3, 2008

We are all moved out of our house, and messily ensconsed in my parents'. I am not sure they realized how much junk comes with a family of four, two who are 14 months old. We have totally taken over their house, and although I know they are glad to provide us with somewhere to stay, they will be happy when our renovation is complete. I am fairly certain we will never move ourselves again. After four VERY long days, Shawn (with lots of help from his brother, and a few friends) managed to move all our stuff. The only problem is, it is in a 16 foot pod, a 15 foot self storage unit, Shawn's mom's house, and my parents' garage. Moving back IN our house is going to be hilarious. I am POSITIVE we will hire movers, though, which will make it tons easier. To make matters more difficult for Shawn, I came down with some 24 hour bug and felt HORRIBLE while we were moving, so I wasn't any help at all. Even if I had felt okay, having two babies sort of makes me worthless in the moving department anyway. I am SO glad it is all over....

This week brought some major news in the baby department....Hayden is walking! She is not very sure of herself, but can really make it pretty far if she is not paying attention. She can get across a room, unless she realizes she is doing it by herself. If that happens, it is straight to the floor. Cale is blissfully uninterested, and will seemingly remain that way for a time to come. I am okay with having her walk means I can adjust to one walking baby before I have to chase two! It is so funny watching her learn to walk...I love the stumbling little drunk guy thing she does, waving her arms in the air as she totters from side to side....I can't believe I am a mother, much less one with two babies...even LESS one with a baby old enough to walk!!! It makes them (and me) seem so old!