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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Let me start by saying that this fourth of July was more successful than last fourth of July. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will remember that my son screamed his little bird head off last year at the slightest mention of "fuegos artificiales" (fireworks...shawn and I saw that on a sign on the highway and for some reason thought it was hilarious) This year, we were hoping for a little bit better reaction...and we got it! We decided to take the babies to the Randolph fourth of July festival to meet Andrew and Holly. Too bad for us that we didn't eat before arriving, because thirty billion people were in about four food lines. Neither Shawn or I could imagine standing in those lines, so we decided to head out. We lasted for about thirty minutes! (We had seen our fill of guys with tattoos in tank tops smoking a cig) Anyway, we went and got food (DQ-what's more American than that??) and went back to the same church parking lot we parked at last year. We sat in the back of my Tahoe with the babies, and they literally stared at the entire fireworks show and NEVER peeled their eyes from the sky. There was only a little bit of whimpering on Cale's part when I was turning him around on my lap and he thought I was letting him go. He clung on me like a monkey and started to panic! When he realized his mommy was going nowhere, he settled in for the show. He is normally not terribly clingy, so that was the only indicator we had that he was still a little nervous about the noise. It was MUCH more successful than last year's attempt... and so funny to see my little family watching to go do "things" together as the babies have gotten a little older.