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Friday, March 28, 2008

We are eaters!

At ten months my babies:

-still won't hold their own bottles.

-eat all the phase two and SOME phase three foods.

-prefer fruit to vegetables. (like their mommy..dang it!)

-eat about four hundred cheerios a day.

-throw about eight hundred cheerios on the floor a day. (our dogs are happy, and well fed)

-fuss if they see us making a bottle and we aren't moving fast enough.

-love ice cream. (I know, I am a terrible parent)

-manage to get food on the top of their head during a meal....and sometimes in their ears.

-always have a cheerio in their diaper.

-only take three bottles a day now! Yeah!!! We are about to get a raise!

-Frantically shake their head "no" and wave their arms in front of their face when they don't want any more food.

-spit out anything new the first time they try it.

-laugh with their mouth full of food....sadly, we laugh too, and encourage this.

-are trying some things off our plate....pieces of french fry (again, really stellar parenting!), bread, tortilla....

-love to drink out of the bottom of a straw.


Katherine said...

Jacqueline is 2 months older and STILL won't hold her own bottle. Luckily, she'll hold a sippy cup. I don't know if bottle just says, "Mama will hold it" or what! I finally gave up the bottle habit last week! MUCH easier! You have such GOOD cuties!