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Monday, March 31, 2008

Saturday night my mother in law watched the babies (thanks Nana!) so Shawn and I could go to my parent's house for a 60's party! We had a great time eating, drinking and visiting with everyone....but the best part was playing Singstar....this game was new to me, since I haven't played any kind of video game since Super Mario Brothers (which I was excellent at, I must add)

This game is for Playstation2 and my friend Joni has it...I talked my mom into buying it for her is like Karaoke, except you battle other people and it rates your singing. It is pretty hilarious watching grown men sing 80's ballads and "Material Girl" by Madonna. Especially when they are trying really hard to win! We had a blast singing and laughing at everyone in their costumes...somehow by the end of the night, everyone had worn everyone's wigs and accessories...