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Monday, March 31, 2008

My little stinkers have realized they can entertain each other during nap time! The other day, I hear babbling, then I hear the rainforest soother start to play music, I hear both pacifiers hit the floor....I know that there is NO sleeping going on in there, so I walk in to find them standing up, facing each other, and laughing their heads off! They were bouncing on the bumper pads, looking at each other like they just realized, "Hey! I have a friend!" It was pretty cute....Hopefully they will like (even love) each other MOST of the time. (I am not delusional about this being ALL the time)

They were so cute, it almost made up for the fact that the room smelled like the rodeo and I had to change two poopy diapers!


natalie said...

you make me laugh!
i cannot fathom two babies and you make it look SO much fun!

kewald said...

What an adorable nursery!!!!