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Friday, March 28, 2008

I am still laughing!

So I set up a little photo op for the babies...I have been wanting to photograph them in their "fiesta" gear so that I can include a picture of them in their first birthday party invites. One afternoon Shawn and I took them outside for pictures....Hayden (as usual) hated the grass and wanted to be picked up...Cale loved his maracas and shook them like there was no tomorrow. I had the great idea to draw a moustache on him (see how we use our babies for entertainment) and Shawn noticed that Cale still had a faded little moustace when we were putting them down for bed that night. Why the eyeliner can't stay on ME that effectively, I have no idea! These pictures cracked us up, and they keep making me laugh! Too bad we had trouble finding one where Hayden didn't look totally p.o'ed. I ordered one big one of Cale with a moustache...all I need to do is frame that picture and look at it everyday and it will cheer me up! I hope that boy is always that silly....and I LOVE Hayden's face in the first one...she is looking at him like, "What the hell is wrong with you?" They always, ALWAYS make me laugh! I had no idea having babies would be this funny!!!


natalie said...

simply the cutest idea EVER! happy birthday lil' guys!