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Thursday, March 20, 2008

This has been a CRAZY week...

I decided a few weeks ago to paint our was blue, and none of our bedding matched, but I was putting it off because the ceilings are so high that I knew it was going to be a disaster...anyway, I had already bought the paint awhile ago, so I jumped in and started painting on is about half done and it is a MESS!!!! I paint when the babies are napping, and has been just about as slow going as I had anticipated. No help from Shawn, who claims he was fine with the blue that didn't match anything. (Men!) So anyway, we are having people over for dinner tonight, and my bedroom is half painted, with two ladders in the middle of the room, with the furniture pushed all over the place....oh well! Sort of wondering if I should have just left it the way it was.....but I think the new color is going to be so pretty.
Our computer wasn't working at ALL...mainly because my new camera takes about 400 pictures at a time...of course, I upload them ALL, and I have essentially taken up the entire hard drive...I have been instructed to put all pictures on the external hard drive in the future....our problems weren't too hard to fix, but meant that my computer was gone for a day and I can't monogram without it! That is when I decide I have a million things I want to do...when I can't! My project now is working on stuff for the babies' first birthday...I know it is still a little while off, but I know if I wait until the last minute, I will be so stressed trying to get everything done...I am making decorations myself, working on cutie gift bags for kids who will be is fun, but a little overwhelming. Shawn wants to know why I am doing all this junk, when the babies could care less.....I say, they only have a first birthday once! It is exciting and gives me something to be obsessed with...(gotta have a project!)
I can't believe they are almost a year old! It has gone by so fast....they are getting so big, and everything they do makes us laugh... Except for last night: Hayden decided, while in the tub, that she needed to poop. I was painting and Shawn was bathing them, when I hear, "Hey! Come here and look at this!". I round the corner to see my two sweet babies playing happily while a big old turd is floating in between them...and my husband smiling like it is the funniest thing he has ever seen....Meanwhile, I am concerned that they are going to get contaminated by the turd....namely because Hayden is playing with a cup, and begins to do what looks like drinking poop water. I start hauling babies out of the tub, while he stands there....I think he would have continued bathing them with that turd just floating around. He ended up bathing them in our bathroom, while I was left to fish the poo out of the tub with a cup. The glamorous life I lead....not quite what I imagined when I started this family, but I wouldn't trade it!


Katherine said...

You have me laughing so hard at the floating poop! I love Shawn's reaction! I think my husband would have been more alarmed than amused and given up on baths forever. What a funny story!