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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am trying so hard to read more with the would think a former educator would be a little bit more gung ho about it, but it is harder than you think to balance two babies on your lap to read a book. (Especially when one of them (Cale) wants to rip the pages out of the book and smack it violently....note what he is doing in the picture above: trying to turn the page. That's all he wants to do, turn the page. The current page is never interesting enough!)

We are trying to read every I the only cruddy parent who tries but somehow can't fit it in every night? I know it is about to get a lot more important, and I really want the babies to love to read as much as I do.
I am really, really, really going to start to make time every night....maybe declaring it on my blog will mean I feel the need to stick to it.


natalie said...

it's SO much easier when they're a little older...and interested in the content. i felt like a "bad mom" at their ages on the same topic. for rock, nicole!

LaDeeda Photography said...

Hey Nicole! Great blog! Nope, not the only cruddy parent :) Hard to get all things done in a day. Have a great week!