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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is anyone else watching the Bachelor? Moreover, is there anyone who is watching this filth and not ashamed to admit it? I am not liking any of the girls at all. I don't remember a time I ever felt like I should break into song on a first date with a guy...what are these girls thinking?? If this is what it takes to snag a man, I am really glad I am off the market. I do sing loudly and often to Shawn, but he is legally obligated to listen to it. This guy just met these freaks and they are making up all sorts of songs for him. One girl even sang opera. Opera! Can you believe that?? Not that it isn't beautiful, but your face looks extremely weird while singing opera. This girl should look in the mirror and see what I am talking about.
I know that my reperetoire of shows is probably making me dumber by the minute. Let's see, on a regular basis, I watch:
Keeping up with the Kardashians
Dancing with the Stars
American Idol
The Hills (premiere last night....although we are a little soured on this show because it was MAJORLY acted last night. Do not be fooled: This is no reality show!)
Little People: Big World (I love the tiny Richard Gere!)
John and Kate plus Eight (I like to see someone whose life is crazier than mine)
Real World/Road Rules Challenge
And now we get really, really embarrassing. I don't even want to type the next one. Let's just say that it is pretty sad when your ten month old's favorite song is the theme to "All My Children". Hayden literally dances when it comes on. I should be reported to the authorities.
So now I find out that my Gray's Anatomy is coming back on....what is a girl to do? I know this is ridiculous....At least I am doing a bunch of other stuff while this drivel is on TV. I am humiliated to admit I watch all this stuff, but after taking care of two other people all day, I like to zone out and absorb myself in something else. If watching Plastic Priscilla Presley creak around the dance floor won't do it, what will??? :)
I need to start reading again!