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Thursday, March 27, 2008

first easter...

The babies first Easter was interesting....they don't care yet about the easter bunny, so they didn't get much in the way of an easter basket. We put two little stuffed bunnies in both baskets, a shirt for Cale that matches one Daddy has, and a yellow polka dot bikini for Hayden. They loved playing with empty plastic easter eggs, so it was super easy for us....
We got them dressed up in their Easter outfits (hers bought by Mimi and his SEWN by Mimi) and took them to Mimi and Pope's house. We decided to take pictures of them right away before the outfits fell apart...this was a little harder than we thought because Hayden decided she hated sitting on the grass. She is already so high maintenance...we had to go get a blanket for her to sit on. As usual, about two of sixty pictures looked okay....there is always one crying or making a weird face so I rarely get two photographs that are "frameable" (is that a word?)
We ate some yummy food made by Mimi, and visited with Uncle Andrew and his sweet girlfriend Holly. Her parents were here visiting from Iowa, so we got to meet them. They loved the babies so they fit right in! Before babies, Shawn and I would have stayed all day and hung out, we realized we need to take some baby gear with us to Mimi's, because we spent all day (even during the meal) holding the babies and keeping them from getting into stuff. They need a baby gate or corral wherever we go, or else it is no fun for us!
We stayed about three hours and then took them home for naps.
It was much shorter than usual, but lots of fun anyway....thanks to mimi for making such a delicious dinner!!
p.s. Pictures of babies in beforementioned easter outfits will be coming soon....I can't find them on my mess of a computer!