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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Every ear in our house is infected!

How's this for motherly intuition? I was in the bath with Hayden on Saturday morning, and I told Shawn "I think we need to take the babies to the doctor." She had a tiny spot on her chest that looked like ringworm (how high class is that?) and Cale had pulled on his ear a little that morning. Nothing too big, but something told me we should go. They fit us in at eleven, and lo and behold, all four baby ears are infected. They are really the sweetest babies...never any complaining...just a little harder to put down at nap time. Here's the intuition part...Dr. Fitch said they looked like they had just started developing the ear infections in the last twelve hours. (Overnight) He said I wouldn't have noticed it the day before anyway. He doesn't think the thing on her chest is ringworm, although he did ask if she is around a lot of cats. I told him she had never even seen a cat, so he thinks it is just a little dry spot, and told us to treat it with cortisone. Shawn didn't think it looked like ringworm, but then again, he never had it as a kid. I got it a few different times, but then again, I was a "stray cat petter".
We took the babies to "Picture People" in the mall yesterday to take some pictures...Kelly had found a free coupon online for an 8X10, so we decided to try them out. Kelly walked in, they took her back to a studio, took Logan's pictures, and showed them to Kelly and her mom in about thirty minutes. We, on the other hand, had a little different experience. We signed in, waited four hundred hours, took excruciating pictures, and waited another month and a half to see our pictures. They ended up having a few really cute ones, and we bought a few. The prices are not that great, but they were cute....but I have to say I won't be going back anytime soon because of how long it mom and I were so tired when it was all said and done, and so were the babies...we are going to stick with our friend Dee from now on...her pictures are way better anyway!
We laughed so hard during the pictures because we dressed Hayden in this little peach dress that my cousin Brenda has maribou feathers on it, and Hayden had never worn it before...she wouldn't even look at the camera at first because she was so interested in the feathers...even Cale was lunging at her trying to grab them. I don't know how, but the girl got some nice pictures...
we are going to the Human Body exhibit tonight at the Witte....I am so excited to see it! My mom and I decided that this will be the test for us whether or not we could have been physicans...we'll see!


natalie said...

you CRACK me up, NiCoLe!
glad the ears are being treated and the ringworm is not. not to worry...z has had ringworm, smack on the left side of his face. hmmmm? talk about class...we've got it, baby!
picture, not so much! and they are friggin' pricey, right?

love that i can leave comments now!