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Monday, February 11, 2008

We're creeping!

This picture cracks me up!! It looks like he has lots of teeth on top,, but it's just gums! He was making the silliest faces....

Reading a book...
Playing outsideMy babies are officially "creeping". No full fledged, hands in front of knees, fast crawling yet...but they are managing to get wherever they want to get nonetheless. I am glad mobility starts me a chance to get used to their little moving selves and baby proof accordingly.
This morning, I put the babies on the living room rug so I could vacuum and clean our bedroom...I went out to check on them and Hayden had gotten all of the books out of the book basket and was chewing on one.....I moved her to a new locale, and not five minutes later, I heard her crying...went back out into the living room to see what was going on....I could hear her, but couldn't see her anywhere. I was a little nervous for a minute until I realized the crying was coming from underneath a wicker chair. She had scooted her little self underneath it and couldn't figure out how to get out! Things are about to get a lot more interesting around our house....
The babies have their nine month check up tomorrow.....Nine months means:
creeping all over the place
no more peace in restaurants
tiny teeth
sitting up in cribs in the morning
laughing when they see their mama
pointing to pictures in books
pointing out eyes, nose and mouth (when they feel like it)
trying to wave "Hi" and "bye bye"
clapping when we say "yeah!!!!!"
lots of nonsensical babbling
finding the dog toys and bones and chewing on them
crying when a toy is taken away
crying when their twin inadvertently bangs them on the head with something
crying when Fisher Price maracas count in Spanish (Hayden)
pointing at daddy's picture when I say "Where's your dada?"
Kicking their legs and going crazy when they see someone who loves them
trying to grab the dogs everytime they walk by
laughing when the bottle gets close to them (Cale)
screaming and dousing mama with water during bath time
crying when they lose sight of me or daddy
smacking our hand when we say patty-cake...

It gets more and more fun everyday.....Shawn and I were just saying we want it to slow down...we need to videotape them more so we will never forget what they were like at this age....