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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I love watching my babies...

I took these pictures the other morning while watching the kiddos play. Who needs T.V. when you have two precious babies to watch? I love the way they pick up everything and inspect it, turning it every which way to look at all sides of it and then in the mouth it goes! Once one baby sees the other with something interesting (even if they just had the toy and put it down in boredom) they have to go after whatever the other one has. Cale is a little quicker and stronger, so that usually means she gets toys jerked out of her hand...luckily she is sweet as sweet can be and hardly ever fusses about it!

I love the picture of Cale with the little stuffed horse hanging out of this mouth. He stuffed the horse's tail in his mouth, and played for another twenty minutes or so with that thing hanging from his mouth! Too funny!
I also love the pic of Hayden and Shawn...that girl LOVES her Daddy! He can always, ALWAYS make her smile and laugh. If I am holding her and he walks into a room, she kicks her little legs so wildly it is hard to hold onto her! I hope she always loves him that means so much to him!
My obsession of the day is a new camera....I have a little Sony cybershot that I use all the time, and a fancy schmancy 35 mm camera that NEVER gets used.....I really, really want a fancy digital. My friend Brandi was showing me hers today...a new Nikon that makes all her photos look professional...I am pretty sure it is upwards of 1000 I have something new to save for! I hate that I don't use my 35 mm....but who does anymore?? It takes beautiful pics, but is so impractical to have to develop a roll of 24 pics only to get three great ones...If I developed my own pictures, (which I have wanted to learn to do for awhile) it would make sense...but for now, digital is the only way to go for me!
Now I have to work on finding a good deal on a new camera and convincing my husband that we need a new one! :) Maybe I can sell my old one on ebay or something...I have never done that, so I need to check into it! Must have fancy camera before babies grow up and move out of the house, leaving me with sub par photos to document their childhood.
One last note for the night: Shawn and I went to a Cystic Fibrosis Benefit dinner last night with some great family friends....we have been involved for a while with this organization, because of our great friend Ali, who has the disease. Being there last night made me want to do something more; to be more involved in some capacity to help families struggling with this terrible is so heart wrenching...the median age of life expectancy is 37 years old....our friend Ali is 26, so hearing that fact again last night was sickening! To feel so grateful for my family and babies, and to think that so many people have to watch theirs become more and more ill and feel so helpless to make it stop....there are no words for how this makes me feel....if you are looking for a charity to donate to, take a few minutes to look into CF, ( and think about it! While you're at it, send up a few prayers for our friend Ali....for continued health and strength...she is an amazing testament to the term "will to live"...makes me want to be a better person and make every day count!