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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I know there is a lot of worthless junk at the dollar tree, but I have found some really good stuff there too.....In the last week, I have gone twice and picked up some good finds...
-some really cute square glass jars to put office supplies in for our desk
-scrapbook page protectors...(10 for a dollar!!)
-cute rubber stamps
-cute little tote bags to carry diapers and wipes in
-candy flavored chapsticks (starburst, whoppers, etc. I am OBSESSED with chapsticks, and these flavors remind me of being a little kid)
I am sure I "need" none of this, but it is all about the HUNT....I feel like I need to sneak in the door with dollar tree bags and hide from my husband....
I have gone and done what I said I would NEVER do....I am going to make and freeze my own baby food! I always thought people who did that had either a: way too much time on their hands or b: overly nervous ideas about additives and preservatives (like your kid isn't going to eat chicken mcnuggets at some point...and I am pretty sure those aren't even made of chicken)
Anyway, I figured it would be cheaper, and healthy....I end up opening one of those baby food boxes and wasting most of it anyway! I went today and loaded up on stuff at the grocery store that said they could eat. My babies both decided yesterday (eight months to the day that they were born) that they would go ahead and try to eat baby food. Up until yesterday, attempts had been on the futile side.....there was food everywhere, and I got frustrated. I think I might have been giving up too quickly, but oh well. They are healthy, and I am sure we will have them off formula sometime before they ship off to college. Mainly, I was motivated to start trying food more because we realized that almost ninety dollars of formula lasted a grand total of EIGHT days! I really had no idea that is how much we had been spending....lucky for us, my mom buys a can every time I buy one, or we would be eaten out of house and home. I am not sure if I am supposed to give them less formula now that they are eating way more food....another question for the doctor....or any mommies out there who know. One thing that made my mom and I smile yesterday...Hayden would fill her mouth up with food (we thought she was trying to swallow, but was storing it in her cheeks like a hamster)...and then start blowing went everywhere! We were trying to say "No!" and sound stern, but had to keep turning our head and laughing. It was so funny! It is interesting the kinds of things I laugh at lately!
One noted side effect of eating more real food: more poop! Yuck, yuck, yuck. I knew this day would come, but I am not excited about it....