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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Me and Eva Longoria are pretty much BFF....

Shawn got Spurs tickets from one of his bosses at work for the game last night....we went while my mom stayed with the babies....It was fun! I have decided I don't want to go to games anymore unless we get to sit where we sat last night. I have never sat in a good seat, EVER, which probably explains why I would rather watch the games on my TV at home. These seats were amazing...close enough to see everything but far enough up that I didn't have to worry the whole time about a huge sweaty man falling on me. We were joking about sharing nachos with Eva Longoria, and then Shawn spotted her about eight feet in front of us....I told him I wish he hadn't seen her because then I had to watch her instead of the game. She is so tiny...she makes Hayden look fat. Of course I had to text my friends that she was sitting by us, and started a text-a-thon that blew my fingers cousin wanted me to throw popcorn in her hair, something I would NEVER do because I needed to look dignified in the rich people section. (which didn't last long because my phone fell out of my purse under my seat and snapped in half...while I was fishing for the two halves of my phone, I got the sleeve of my sweater all filthy with popcorn butter or something....Shawn said I should try to go and make friends with Eva looking like that. Apparently he thought she was out of my league!)
It was a good to do things by ourselves sometimes!
Stay tuned: Hayden is about to crawl any minute! She is up on all fours rocking now....I keep thinking today will be the day...we'll see. Meanwhile, Cale just sits on the floor judging my parenting skills and finding them unacceptable. I wonder how long he'll stay seated once she is off and going....he is NOT going to like that!