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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun Weekend

This weekend we had family in town, and decided to take them downtown to stay in the Westin and see San is funny we live here and don't go downtown that much...we ate at Acenar, which is not exactly baby friendly. They sat us upstairs, which meant the men in the family had to carry the babies in the stroller up about twenty stairs. We sat at our table and I looked around....lots of supercool 20-somethings out on the town, probably wondering why people like us weren't at home watching Sesame Street or something. Of course, the babies were not all that cooperative. They wanted to be held and passed around the table, until FINALLY, right before the food came we gave them bottles and put them in the strollers and what do you know?? They were asleep, and we got to eat (just like normal people) in peace, without someone's chubby little hand slinging our napkin on the floor or grabbing for the lemon in our margarita. This went on for awhile, with me silently wondering how we made this restaurant work for us....when in walk the mariachis. I saw them coming....creeping closer and closer to us, forcing the tables around us to listen to their music. (Don't get me wrong, I love their music...reminds me of home...I just don't want people forcing me to let them play music and then tip them like they are Avon ladies or something) I was thinking PLEASE go away....but NO-the table behind us decides they want to hear the Mexican top forty list. It was miserable! Both babies started screaming-staring at the mariachis in horror. My only consolation was that Shawn (in his desperation to get babies out of the stroller quickly) was sticking his rear into the fiddle player while she was trying to play. It was our own fault....noisy, hip Mexican restaurant plus sleepy babies equals disaster. Oh well!
When we were done eating, we went back to the hotel and all convened in our room while my sleepy babies tried to drift off on the pull out couch bed. They slept SO well in the bed like big kids! Hayden didn't make a peep until 8:30 and Cale didn't wake until 9:30! Neither even cried to wake up, just started babbling and looking for was sooooo relaxing! Then off to the Guenther House for an amazing, relaxing weekend! We are lucky to have adaptable babies who are generally up for anything!
The babies are seeming to be so much older in the last few days....they are starting to wave "bye-bye", and when we say "YEAH!!!!!" and clap, Hayden does, too. When I talk about the doggies or daddy, they look to the appropriate animal/person. When we say "Do you want to get up?", they reach their little arms up at us. They are really starting to understand us now. Now is when I have to start thinking about EVERYTHING that comes out of my more badmouthing horrible drivers on the highway!
One funny note about the constipation story I posted last time....while we were all cheering Cale on and trying to coax a poo out of him, we look over and notice Hayden chewing on a dog bone. Hilarious! That is what happens when you have twins....when there is a ruckus surrounding one, the other one is in the corner getting into who knows what! Probably not all that sanitary, but I read somewhere that kids who have dogs have better immune systems or something.....i think....