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Friday, January 25, 2008

I don't know why, but I gave birth to the two most constipated infants on the planet. They hate food, and hardly eat any, so I know that is not constipating them....AHHHHHH! It is miserable..mostly for them, but sad for me too! (Who knew I would ever care so much about someone else's pooping habits?)
Yesterday Cale was grumpy ALL mom had taken Hayden home with her so that I could have only one baby and get some sewing done....well, he was so whiny it was almost worse than when I normally have them both. He didn't want to play by himself, or be put down, so I had to try to sew while balancing him on my leg, facing him away from the embroidery machine, while trying to keep sharp scissors out of his reach. The ONLY thing that made him stop crying was to hold him, so I carried him around for about four hours...He was finally happy in the bathtub (that ALWAYS works!) My parents were here helping me get them ready for bed, and we bathed the babies, put their jammies on, and then let them play on the floor while we waited for Daddy to come home from a church dinner. Cale started grunting and his face turned red...of course, we all thought it was hysterical, until we realized that he was pushing ferociously and NOTHING was happening. He was crying so hard.....I went and got a Fleet Enema (SO FUN!) and a big towel to do "the procedure". The poor baby had the world's hardest poop stuck in his hiney....after lots of steps I won't mention, he finally managed to get some the end of this scenario, we were both in tears....I guess we are back to giving them Glycolax in their bottles...i just didn't want them to be dependent on the meds! When we laid him down in bed, his little head was sweaty...he had worked so hard to was horrible.
Disgusting story, I know...but moms out there understand this I am sure!
We have realized that this weekend we will be lowering the crib mattresses for the first time. After I had put them down last night I heard Hayden in there talking, and when I walked in the room, I could see her little face looking at me from over the rail. She has figured out how to get to a sitting position from her tummy, so we are scared she will start to pull up on the side! After laying her back down and going back in there about four times, we finally wore her out!
We are home all day usual, I have errands I could be running, but it is just too cold to take these babies out! Even when they are all bundled up and covered in blankets and hats, I still feel bad. We are just staying in today where it is warm...babies playing on the floor and me trying to finish some sewing orders.....I am so ready for it to be summer!