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Monday, January 21, 2008

We are teething all over the place!

So I found out Cale is cutting top teeth now a pretty funny way...I thought he was chewing on a piece of dog hair (pretty white trash, huh?) so I stuck my finger in his dog hair, but I felt teeth on top!!! A few days before, in Sears, Shawn spotted two tiny white spots on Hayden's bottom gums...which is sad because I stay home with her and never saw them. :( It is going to be funny to see her with teeth because I am so used to seeing her gummy smile. (which I love!) All day yesterday and today she has talked all day long....from the tub, the back seat, her crib...I hear "Da, da, da, da, da DEE, da, da, dee!" I am pretty sure she doesn't think she is saying "Daddy".....but it is cute anyway!
Cale says "Ma,ma,ma, ma, ma, ma..." but only when he is crying to be picked up..maybe he knows he is calling for me.....maybe he does know it is my name. It is pretty fun to think that they will be talking in a few months....