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Monday, January 9, 2012

Watch out Dorothy Hamill!

Last year my sweet uncle gave the twins gift certificates to go ice skating.  I knew then that they were WAY too young to go, and there would just be a lot of falling down and crying, so we held off on skating and waited a while.  A few weeks ago we decided to see how it went...
While Daddy and Uncle Clint skated with the twins, I sat in the lobby with the tiny one....

....who ate her weight in nachos.  Hey, something had to be done to entertain this one for two hours!

When Daddy first got out on the ice with Bubby, I have to admit I laughed so hard I wet my pants a little.  This was hysterical in a way that you would never understand had you not seen it firsthand. 

He looked like a sack of potatoes being drug around an ice rink.  What was even funnier was watching my husband try to ice skate while folding himself in half and drag the kid around by the armpits.  Plus, you could see Cale hollering directions at Daddy while he flopped all over the place.  Hilarity!

Finally, success!  After a few trips around the rink, he caught on and had a great time!  I think he'll do awesome next time we go...

Sis, on the other hand, gives Brian Boitano a run for his money.  This kid was jumping on the ice, turning circles, and generally acting like she'd done it four hundred times.  I'm getting some pressure from the family to sign her up for ice skating lessons, but the rink is at 1604 and 281 and I'll be honest....I hate that area and the traffic and that is what's holding me back.  For now, she'll have to use her mad athletic skills at gymnastics class.