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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas, 2011

Man, I am really slacking on the blog front.  The last few months are always the craziest ones of the year for photography, so I guess photographing/documenting my OWN kids gets pushed to the back burner.
I am really going to try to do this more often, since it serves as my only scrapbook-esque item for my kiddos!
This Christmas was really fun!!  We started out the festivities this year with a little party and program at the twins' school.
My little angel got up to the risers and already started fiddling with her halo.  I could tell by looking at her it was going to fixate her for the whole performance.  She has hated anything itchy, loud or annoying since she was tiny.  I love that she's always on the top riser because she's so tall....

Cale was the cutest little shepherd in the program.  (He's the one in blue)  He was so funny when he saw me sitting next to a pew trying to get pictures...he smiled and waved so big!

Hayden's sweet friend Abi from school.  This is the second year they've been together, and they really enjoy each other...

Cale had lots to tell me while dressed as a shepherd....and showed me all around his classroom.  My favorite part of their program was how he danced and sung so happily....he's still little enough not to be embarrassed to do stuff like that.

I attempted to take ONE, just ONE cute picture on Christmas Eve of all of my babies.  This is the best I got.  Fancy, huh?  Nothing says "Classy Christmas" like a bag of hiney wipes on the floor, crazy faces, and a tiny belligerent cat curled up on the loveseat in the background.   (Side note:  I thought the twins were pretty much the same height now, but DANG.  She is an amazon!!!  Let's hope she likes volleyball...)

Bubby with his loot on Christmas morning.  He is really into pirates, so his favorite gift was a giant pirate ship with teeny, tiny parts.  It's really cool.  I love that he's wearing feety jammies in this picture.....definitely the last year for those.

The baby was so sweet and excited on Christmas morning.....she would open one thing and just love on it and play with it forever.  We kept having to tell her she had more presents, but REALLY, the way she was enjoying them was so much better.  Not ripping through them at all, but spending time inspecting and enjoying each one.  I love this picture, and the sweet look on her face.

Sissy loved all of her gifts, too.  She loves tiny dolls and tiny parts, so she was gifted accordingly.  Let's just say momma had to make a trip to Wal Mart on the 26th to get six new tubs to organize all this stuff!
Mixed in to the craziness was the Zunker's annual Christmas Party, Shawn's work Christmas party (where Livi stood on the stage with the guitarist, holding her dress up, hollering "I POOPING!" at me across the room) and lots more Christmas fun.  Looking at lights, shopping, making Christmas cookies for our neighbors, having  "Christmas Toddies" with some of our besties, Christmas dinner and gift exchange with the OTHER set of besties, and lots more.  I stopped working earlier this year, which was so great!!!  I really enjoyed slowing down and giving myself two weeks to enjoy the holiday with my family.  
Now to "undecorate" this house....