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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Presenting Chewy Louise...

We weren't in the market for a kitten.  
Sure, I like cats, but more of the grown variety...the kind that curl up somewhere in your house, and you never know where they are.  The kind that stalk past you every three days or so, somehow managing to look irritated at you for letting them live in your house.
Like you're not doing THEM a favor.  
I kind of get a kick out of entitled and jerky a cat acts.  
Don't get me wrong...I think tiny cats are adorable to look at.
They're just a lot of work.  
But this one...well, she chose us.

We were putting out some Halloween decorations Monday night, and Shawn found her crying outside. 
She looked SO pitiful. 
No more than two pounds, and skinny as a rail.  
I don't think she would have lived much longer had she not found us.
She came to us when we called her, (like a dog) and purred like crazy.  
Hayden ran up and down the sidewalk outside, screaming "My heart is BREAKING!!"
So after THAT oscar winning performance, how could we NOT adopt the thing?
Hayden immediately decided her name was "Chewy".  Not my particular style, but I am a huge fan of letting kids name animals, mainly because the choices are so random and irreverant they end up being hilarious.

We didn't know if she was a girl or boy at first.
Hayden's suggestion was to put a tutu on her, and if she left it on, she had to be a girl.
Despite the obvious scientific validity of such an experiment, I went ahead and took her to the vet anyway. The vet managed to determine she was a girl, (without a tutu)
So, "Chewy" it was.  (I added Louise after we found out she was indeed a girl)
She's about ten weeks old, and healthy as a horse.  
We are trying to feed her slowly, (per the vet's instructions) so she doesn't gorge herself.  
Girl can eat.  
She clears her little bowl in about four seconds, and then goes looking for the dog food.  
I guess that's a good sign.  
Tiny kittens aren't the easiest thing to take care of, but they're certainly not the hardest.  
(Not like when Wyatt was a puppy, and I questioned my will to live on a daily basis)
She immediately knew how to go in her litter box.  
She loves my kids.
She purrs like a machine, and makes biscuits on all of us. 
She adores me, and follows me around everywhere.
My kids are obsessed with her, and want to bother her all day long. 
Cale can't remember her name, and has called her "Chili Soliz", "Chewy Feliz", and "Chewy Sanderson" which confuses me a little, but entertains me a lot. 
Of course, we've now continued the tradition of "over-naming" our animals, and today we decided she was to be called "Chewbacca Louise Hatter-hyphen-Sanderson".