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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shawn and I were just talking about how much we love this time of feels so much cooler outside, and of course; there's football.  My kiddos are all about Halloween, so for their benefit I've tried to decorate more for Halloween.
My instinct is to just do generic autumn decorations like pretty fall leaves everywhere....that just doesn't cut it for little ones.  They want Halloween specific decor.
Cale even asked for a "big, sparkly skeleton" to hang in his room.  
I said no.
Momma's gotta draw the line somewhere.

They are IN LOVE with the giant inflatable things they sell at Lowe's....since we have neither the storage, or inclination to own such a giant piece of Halloween fun, we compromised and let them pick out a small one.  They get a huge kick out of seeing it lit in the front of the house when we come home at night.  We also have three little jack o lanterns in the window, for our three tiny ones.  They are the new school plug in variety, which are GENIUS....I like them much better than the old school variety that end up rotting on your front porch.  (although we'll probably do one of those, too.)  Fun times!!  We have our Halloween costumes bought and ready, and have several activities lined up....