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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A party for the baby....

Trying to keep it minimal is a big joke for me.  TRY is the operative word, I guess.  On Livi's birthday, we invited our family and a couple friends to my mom's for dinner and to swim.  The tiny one was super excited, and talked up her party for weeks.
 First picture of my baby as a TWO year old.  Sigh.  Where has time gone? Sidenote: you can tell Daddy put her in these jammies the night before.....mismatched top and bottoms.  Hey, I'm not complaining.  At least we have a daddy that helps!  Sidenote number two:  how many items are in this crib?? Sheesh.  A pillow, a pillow pet, about four stuffed animals, a mini blankie, a big's a wonder there is any room for a baby!
 Owl cookies for the party....on the fifteen minute ride from my house to my mom's, the pink cookies bleached themselves.  How weird is that?  I just pretended like I tried to make pink, hombre owl cookies. 
And "owl food" for the little ones....
Mommy's heroic attempt at "owl cupcakes"...we were laughing at how the position of the M&M's either made the owls look embarrassed or ashamed.  

 Sweet two year old girl!
 Her candle....she carried this around Wal Mart the day we bought it, and got mad whenever one of us called it a "candle"...she kept insisting it was "my candy".  
 Sis and Logan in matching swim wear....
 Swimmy swimming!
 Our group of five.  

 Blowing out her candle...

 Sissy providing party entertainment, a la Evil Kineval.

 Opening her little presents....she was so excited to have a day all about her!!
Time is literally flying by at a rate that I can hardly feels like weeks ago that I was hoping for a baby, and now I have twin four year olds and a two year old.  Ridiculous!!