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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Baby Wivi"

At two, my baby is a hoot.  She's a real jokester, this one.  She:
-is obsessed with "po-meese-man" and thinks they are coming to get her.  I think she must have seen the mailman on our front porch, because she keeps saying, "The po-meese-man come in my room!".  We keep telling her policemen are nice, and they will help her.  She's still a little wary.
-she only drinks milk and water.  We gave her an Icee at Sea World and she literally scraped it off her tongue like it was liver.  She told me, "Mommy, I no yike it."
-she's the best eater of all our kids.

-she still loves her paci....even though she tells me it will give her "wabbit teef"
-she looks the most like me of all my kids.
-she asks where her Daddy is every morning when I come get her out of her crib.
-she is happy almost all the time.
-she loves her brother and sister.
-she's tough as nails.
-she's not scared of much.
-she has pee pee'd on the potty twice, but that's it.
-she asks for a hairbow every morning.
-she can't ride in the car for two minutes without taking her shoes and socks off....she likes her feet bare, like Mommy!
-She loves to sing, and be read to.
-she loves baby dolls
-she has the bluest eyes of all my kids, which is hilarious because her eyes were the darkest at birth and I was sure that meant hers were going to be brown like mine.
-she's the only kid in our family with curly hair.
-she's really athletic....can climb, run, jump, hop on one leg like a champ.
-she can count to ten (even though no one can remember teaching her that)
-she recognizes some letters.
-she tells stories, and recounts things that have happened to us...and does it with such animation and facial expression that we crack up while she's telling us.
-she loves the water
-she wants to do everything by herself ("I DO IT!")
-she is so laid back and easy going....
-She wants a behavior sticker chart like her siblings....Hayden and Cale decided her chart should say: "No biting, No hitting, No climbing."  I'm not sure she's ready for a chart yet. :)