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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

The day before Easter, we headed to Devine to visit with Shawn's family at his mom and stepdad's property.  The big attraction this time were the cows!  They have started their own little herd of longhorns (three mommas, all who are expecting) and we loved checking them out.  The kiddos were interested, but didn't want to get TOO close.

We visited the chicken coop, and Cale even found an egg! 
 Enjoying chocolate ice cream outside....
 Being in the country makes us sleepy....
 Easter morning was spent at our house.  The babies got up early to see what the Easter bunny brought them, and then we headed to church.  Livi had a runny nose (again) so we kept her out of childcare and took her in the sanctuary with us....let's just say she doesn't sit still for long.
 We came back home, and my family came over for lunch, and the Easter Egg hunt.

 The Easter bunny overdid it again, I'm afraid.  Seventy five candy filled eggs are fun, and make the hunt last longer....but it just creates more candy for the Easter bunny to eat later.  Ugh.  Remind the easter bunny to put just ONE piece of candy in each egg next year.....or money.  That makes them happy, too!
The best part of this easter was the Resurrection boxes the twins made at day school.  They were tiny wooden boxes, filled with little items to remind them of the easter story.  Those kiddos are so great at telling the story!!  Their retelling is hilarious, too.  Some of my favorite comments included, "Mommy, they spanked Jesus 39 times." (Cale) and "Mommy, Judas was a really, really, really bad friend.  And a weirdo." (Hayden).  Cale also told me that Jesus hung around with "The 12 Psychos."  (Disciples)
They retold the story over and over, and carried their little boxes around with them everywhere.....I think they loved the boxes a little TOO much, because I have found toothpicks in their room (the spears that Jesus was pierced with) and other tiny items strewed all around.  I guess it was a far fetched desire that the items stayed in the boxes.  Too tempting to not play with!
I am so proud of them for knowing the real meaning of Easter, and for their little day school for being a place that helps teach them about Jesus!!