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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The big FOUR!

My tiny ones are four.  FOUR.  When did this happen?  It wasn't four minutes ago that they were born, much less four YEARS....
On Thursday of last week (three days before their actual birthday) they were honored at school.  Daddy and I came along to celebrate...we went with them to chapel, where they had "Happy Birthday" sung to them, and the director of the preschool called them up to the front and gave them each four hugs.  They were asked which song they wanted to sing in honor of their birthdays, and they both chose "Jesus Loves Me".  I got moderately emotional during chapel, and had to pull myself together.  When did my tiny babies become big preschoolers?  It happened in the blink of an eye.
 Bub doesn't often smile so big for pictures....he was just SO happy we were at school for his big day.

 While Miss Jane was giving them birthday hugs, Cale told her "That's enough".  He's not a big hugger, unless it's on HIS terms.
On Friday, Daddy took off work so that we could go on a Birthday Adventure.  In the past, their birthday adventures included the zoo and the museum.   This time, we decided to brave Sea World.  Shawn's mom, (Nana) was so generous and bought our family season passes, so we had the luxury of not having to pack it all in one day.  We saw two shows, and visited the indoor aquarium, the seals, and the dolphins, and then left at lunch time.  We are so excited to go back and do everything there is to do....but Mommy is not looking forward to doing Sea World in 114 degree heat.  Let's just say we'll be making lots of morning and evening visits!
Sometimes love from your siblings "hurts so good"....

 So happy about being at Sea World!!
I'm not sure what this face is, but I'm pretty sure it involves the sentiment "Stop already with the camera."

Baby Livi wasn't too sure that the seals weren't going to bust through this glass and come get her.

We LOVED trying to pet a dolphin....and got SO close!  Hopefully next time!