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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Beach Babies...

Last weekend we headed to the beach for the first of several planned trips this summer.  We stayed with our sweet friends from high school, and their kiddos (who are all the same ages as OUR kids) so it was wonderful!!  The little ones loved playing in the sand, visiting Sandfest (the sand castle competition) in Port Aransas, and (mostly) getting in the hot tub at the hotel next door to the condos.  The grown ups loved visiting and doing a whole lot of nothing.
Hayden runs all up and down the beach like a wild woman.  Cale adores Caleb, and wants to be wherever he is at all times.  Livi wasn't as adventurous as she typically is, but has a bit of a cough and fever so that might have been why.  Yeah for digging in the sand, swimming, eating seafood, and taking it easy....

 Hopefully the first (and last) time we'll have to holler at them, "Girls!  Quit dancing on the table!!"