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Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun at the Lake...

We made a quick one night trip to the lake this last weekend...we thought the water would be too cold to get in, but it was just right!  Everyone EASED their way slowly into the water, but Ronny promised me that if I just dove in, he'd eat the whole pan of Buffalo Chicken Dip by himself.  Let's just say this:  I dove in, but he didn't end up holding up HIS end of the bargain.  (And it was SHOCKING to get in that fast!!)
All of us (minus Bub) enjoyed getting in the water....he actually GOT in once, but not on purpose.  He was throwing sticks to the dogs, and managed to fall in on the slimy steps.  He was standing up, but you would have thought the kiddo was in 50 feet of water the way he was flailing and hollering.  Sigh.  Not the most adventurous of our bunch, but loved being by the water nonetheless.
The girls loved being in the water, and floated next to me in a chair thing for the better part of an hour....later, Livi told me "I wimmin!"  (I'm swimming)
The boat was in the shop, so we just hung out in the water and the yard, had a shrimp boil and toasted "smarshmallows".  Of course, the kiddos won't eat the "black" ones, so they just ate them plain out of the bag!  Little do they know!!  After the little ones went to bed, we sat by the fire until much fun!  Hopefully we can squeeze in some more trips before the McGinnis' sell the house....It makes me sad to think of it, because we have so many great memories there...from being in college to being married without kids, and now with all our tiny ones.