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Friday, February 18, 2011

Livi: 19 months old

This past month was a big one for my tiny girl....she has turned into a BIG talker....(was there any doubt, seeing as I am her mother??)  She repeats EVERYTHING, and voluntarily talks all day long now.
Just off the top of my head, here is some stuff she can say:
Mommy, Daddy, Bubby, Sissy, Mimi, Bop-o (Popo), no, okay, moka (milk), waner (water), bottle, paci, shoes, boots, baby, car, beep-beep, hi, whoa, book, more, uh-oh, bucket, ball, cookie, cracker, shies (fries), watty (wyatt), dickie (dixie), slide, poop, stinky, book, truck, light, Mickey, pees (please), snoopy (her alligator toy), cow, bow, elmo, duck, out, down, jump, boat, cup, kee-cat (kitty cat), Snow White (random!)....She'll also try to repeat anything I tell her to say, which is SO cute.
In addition to making all her animal noises, she also has attempted a few sentences, like:
"Daddy working", "My cookie", "Uh-oh, paci!" (when it falls on the floor), and the longest one yet:
"Mommy coming pees (please)?"  when she wanted me to come get her out of her crib
She understands EVERYTHING now, and amazes us every day with the connections she is making.  She is a big time comedienne, too.  She knows she is funny, and will do almost anything for a laugh.  She is going to be a spit fire, just like her sissy....she likes what she likes when she likes it, and doesn't like people standing in her way.  I don't see her being a "typical" third child...passive and content.  This one is determined, stubborn, smart, and full of emotion.  Somehow I managed to give birth to three firstborns. :)
Livi loves to be read to, and have her head scratched or hair brushed.  She still loves to eat, but has slowed down on the amount she can put away at one sitting.  She loves her people, but doesn't melt down around strangers.  She thinks she is big, and wants to do/have whatever the older ones are doing/having.  We call her our little billy goat because she can CLIMB.  You have to watch her, or you'll leave a room and come back to find her perched on the highest thing she can get up on.  If she's hungry, she'll just go climb up into her high chair and we'll find her waiting there to be fed.  She loves to dance, and busts a move whenever music comes on....even if it's cheesy elevator music.  (She doesn't discriminate)  She loves carrying stuffed animals and baby dolls, and loves pushing them in her little baby stroller.  The stroller is falling apart, but I can't bear to get rid of it because she uses it every day.  She also loves to push the little toy grocery cart, and wants SO badly to drive the John Deere ride on.  When the twins drive off without her, she stands there bawling like her world is falling apart.  She LOVES the slide, and can book it to the top of the playscape before we even know where she went.  She is sweet, and tenderhearted....if she finds something she knows is Bubby or Sissy's, she will take the item to them and hand it over.  Of course, they usually end up hollering "That's mine!!" and jerking it out of her hand so they end up getting a "talking to" about how she was trying to be sweet.

Since she's been on the go so much lately, she's thinned out a little bit.  She's still our chunky monkey, but you can tell she's headed towards that leaner, "big kid" look.  (sigh)
She's got more than one little curl in the back now, which we love! Her eyes are still really blue, but I think they are going to have a little more gray in them then we first thought.  She still has tons of nicknames, and answers to them all.....Pipkin, Popkin, Schmipkin, Schmopkin, Pibs, Piblet, Schmiblet, Schmibs, Livatini, Livatini Helene-y....the list goes on and on.
It's so hard to believe that nineteen months ago, she wasn't even HERE yet and now she's such a huge part of our little world.  She was our little "homemade surprise" and I can't even fathom what we would have done without her!!


jo said...

love love love the first photo with the blue background! What a beautiful baby girl!!!

Alison said...

She's a little beauty!!