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Friday, December 31, 2010

Livi at 17 months...

This baby continues to make our lives sweeter, fuller, and more fun!  We love everything about her, even the little inkling of attitude we can see coming out of her.  She is so full of life, and happiness...and every day is better because of her!
At 17 months, she:
-can say Daddy, Mommy, Mama (Mimi), Popo, Bubba, Sissy, Hi, Uh-oh, shoes, boat, car, Wy-eee (Wyatt, the dog), waner (water), whoa, day-dee (baby), truck, ball, house
-makes duck, lion, dog and (sometimes) kitty cat noises.
-waves her arms around if she doesn't like something or wants someone to stop doing something.
-dances every time she hears music.
-points out all her body parts.
-squints her eyes and smiles when you ask "Where's Livi?"
-waves and says "HI!" to every random stranger in public.
-takes her shoes and socks off the minute you put them on her....hence the pile of shoes and socks in the back of my car.
-points out all her family members.
-throws all her food on the floor when she's full, and then says, "Wy-eee?" because she wants us to call Wyatt inside to eat the food she's dropped.
-calls ALL dogs Wy-eee, even Dixie.  If you ask her to say "Dixie" she answers "Wy-eee".
-tries to sing in her loudest voice when other people are singing.
-points and laughs at the big Christmas tree on Broadway every time we drive by it.
-wants to do everything that everyone else can do...drink out of a water bottle, play Wii, play on the playground at school with the big kids....
-just learned how to drink out of a straw, and makes you help her with a water and straw EVERY time we go out to dinner.  The WHOLE dinner.
-hollers "MAMA!" if she wants something.  We've decided "MAMA" doesn't necessarily mean Mommy or Mimi, but "Do something for me!"  It's a verb, not a noun.
-goes into the kitchen and gets her bottle parts out of the cabinet and brings them to us, hollering "MAMA!" when she wants a milk.
-loves, LOVES books and being read to.  She wants to sit in your lap, and if you try to read it to her while she is standing in front of you by the couch she throws herself on the floor in a fit of frustration because we're not doing it right.
-points and cries at Costco when she sees the flats of water bottles...that's how much she loves water bottles.
-cries at Costco if you try to walk past a "sample" station without getting her one.
-loves hats and pretending things are hats that aren't.
-thinks she is funny, and loves to make us laugh.  If you ask if she is funny, she laughs out loud.
-fake coughs when we say, "Baby has a BAD cough!"
-is the most agile, coordinated baby we know.
-climbs the playscape by herself and wants to slide by herself.  This gives her Momma a heart attack!
-kisses and hugs her baby dolls.
-loves to throw her paci out of her crib, scream "MAMA!" and make you come in and retrieve it for her before she'll finally settle down and sleep.
-is just starting to pay attention to TV....this morning she laughed and laughed at Elmo.
-is a pretty good eater, unless something happens to be green and then it's a little harder.  Every once in a while she surprises us and eats a ton of avocado or a whole salad (just to keep us guessing, I think!)
-still puts weird things in her mouth, but almost always "tells" on herself by walking up to you and making it obvious that she's got something in there.
-is SO proud of herself naked.  This cracks us up to no end!  She loves her fat little gut and pats it in satisfaction every time we take her clothes off.
-is starting to stick up for herself....the twins are having a harder time making her do what THEY want to do....
-still won't wear a headband or bow, much to her mommy's dismay.  (Daddy thinks her head is prettier without one anyway!)
-walks to the bathroom and bangs on the door when we ask "Do you want to pee pee in the potty?"  NOT that I am anywhere near wanting to potty train's just funny that she already seems to show interest.  I hope I'm not missing my window of interest by ignoring this....
-still has super blue eyes...if anything, I think they are getting MORE blue, not less.  This is funny since she had the darkest eyes of all my babies when she was born, so I was SURE she would be the one who had brown eyes like me!
-still has barely any hair, except for a tiny little curl at the nape of her neck.  We LOVE that little curl!!