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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet baby Cale....

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer.  You aren't much of a baby anymore at all.  You are big, and getting bigger everyday.  I can hardly believe you were the littlest of all my babies!
I love that you want to sleep with your mommy and daddy, and that we make you feel safe.
I love that you defend your sisters, even if it means smacking another kid and us having to tell you not to do that.
I love that you know so much about dinosaurs, airplanes, bugs, etc.  Your curiosity and love of learning are inspiring to me!
I love your little gruff voice.  I love that people we know hear us coming in stores from three aisles away and know it's you.
I love that you love your "Zoolie" bear and still want to sleep with it at night.  I love that his little tail is about to fall off because it comforts you to rub his tail at night.
I love that you carry around random bags of junk.  Last night, you went to sleep with a ziploc bag next to you.  In it, there was:  an airplane, a water gun, a plastic plate, a toy ostrich, some matchbox cars, a magnet off my refrigerator, a few plastic dinosaurs, and some silly band bracelets...  I love how you love these little treasures!!
I love how much you love school, and that your teachers think you are smart and adorable.
I love your joy of living, and how amazed you are at discovering something new.
I love when your hair is sweaty in the back from running around outside.
I love how you want to "make a pallet" on the couch every night at bedtime because you think that will stall you from having to actually go to bed.
I love that you play so sweetly with your sisters (okay, least you're gentle with the baby!) but then play so rough with Daddy.  You already know how to treat little girls.
I love that you are funny.  You say things that make me laugh out loud, and you're THREE.  There are adults (lots of them) less funny than you!
I love that you can't ever manage to put underwear on facing forward.
I love that you have changed your mind two hundred times about what to be for Halloween.
I love how you run to hug me when I come to pick you up from school...and that your face is so full of joy that I am there to get you.
I love that you are kind, and that you are rule follower like Daddy.  (Thank God!)
I love that you won't let me wash off your week old temporary tattoo.
I love that you have empathy for people you see without homes or food.  I love that you want them to come "live with us".
I love that you are respectful, and want to do the right thing.
I love that you make me open every candle at the store so that you can smell them.
I love that you try to open the door for me everywhere you go, even though the most of the doors are too heavy for you to manage.
I love that you want me to hold you and carry you, even though you are HANDS DOWN the heaviest kid in our family.  I cherish being able to hold your heavy little self, because some day those little arms and shoulders will dwarf mine, and you will be so much bigger than me.  When that time comes, I know I will wish you were tiny again, and asking me to pick you up in a parking lot because you scared that an airplane is flying overhead.
You are my sweet boy, and I can't wait to see what kind of "big boy" you'll become....just don't become one too quickly...