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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things I love....

I am inspired to write this because of a post I just read on a friend's blog.  Before babies, I used to keep a journal of things I was grateful for, and I wrote in it a lot.  Let's be honest, writing in journals is a lot easier when you have no kiddos to take care I'm too busy trying to BE grateful....I don't have time to write about it!  Making this list isn't that easy....I made one a few years ago and it wasn't all that easy then....for some reason it's even harder now.  At this point in my life, I guess I am more concerned with my babies....I could write you a list in half a second about what my KIDS love.  I guess I spend so much time on them that I don't think much about what I love.  (Besides them!)  Of course, my love for them goes without saying, so I won't put it on the list.....Here are some other things I love:

-Being the only person in the house awake.
-Cleaning products
-anything that smells like lemons (see above)
-early evening (when Shawn gets home) when we are outside with our smells like grass, and it isn't too hot, and they are dirty and happy.
-taking a bath
-taking a bath alone.  (Although it IS fun to have all the kids in the bath, too sometimes!)
-having friends over
-getting something done at the spa....pedicure, massage, facial- anything...I'll take it!
-clean sheets
-sonic drinks
-Whataburger ketchup
-redecorating/buying stuff for my house
-taking pictures (especially of my kids....I love thinking of how important those pictures will be to me later)
-mindless television (The Hills, American Idol, Grey's Anatomy)  I could feel bad for watching these shows but I don't.  I spend all day taking care of three people; I deserve to shut my brain off sometimes.  Plus, I figure that I counteract the stupidity of the shows I watch by being well read.
-Laughing hard
-eating out (no cooking/cleaning for me)
-hearing my kids laugh, especially when they think something is really, really funny.
-good, uninterrupted conversations with close friends (these are few and far between these days!)
-crafting/creating something
-the beach (Okay, more the "idea" of the beach....I'm not really in love with getting in the water!)
-bath products
-office supplies
-being married to someone funny

How often do YOU (my readers) think about what you love or makes you grateful?  Do any of us (moms especially) spend enough time remembering these things?  If you're anything like me, I'm guessing the answer is no.....
With little bitty kids, I think we spend half our time wanting things to hurry along.  Get shoes on, get in the car, get out of the car, get in the bath, etc, etc.  The other half of the time, we spend looking at their chubby little selves and willing time to stop entirely so that they will always be this tiny.  Thinking about things I love is just one way to slow down and remember to enjoy these days...that no matter how hectic things get, how much time I spend on needs other than my own, I am still somebody too.  I am their mommy, yes (my favorite job) but there's another person in there.....I need to remember to pay attention to her sometimes, too!!


Alison said...

LOVED this post!

Ang said...

Hi Nicole, I like your love list. It made me think this challenge